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Why Should You Maintain Your Underground Fire System? Because small leaks don't stay SMALL forever!

A Worst Case Scenario

A Caterpillar Diesel Engine

This is the worst engine explosion we have ever come across, luckily nobody was injured when this engine disintegrated, one piston at a time. The only piston & connecting rod that was still left in the motor was at the number 6 position. This motor was designed without a radiator & used a heat exchanger for cooling.

Looking Through A Cat

This Caterpillar diesel engine was used to operate a fire pump. There was a fire main blowout & the electric jockey pump could not maintain pressure. This caused the diesel pump to come on line, pumping over 650,000 gallons of water which was lost at the leak site. This completely drained the water out of the customer's holding tank & 2 City Water Towers.

Only One Piston Left!

When the water ran out, the engine didn’t have cooling abilities & the engine was running without a load on the pump. The engine got so hot that all of the wiring in the pump house was also destroyed. If you look closely at the walls, you can see were shrapnel had gone through them.


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