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Pipe Testing Equipment

Cherne Air - Loc Sleeveless Joint Testers {lightly used}
Cherne Packer Sleeve for injecting grout into pipe joints {lightly used}
Joint Testers will be sold at approximately 33% of cost.

Tapping Sleeve

Smith-Blair 622 Tapping Sleeve 30” with a 12” Outlet

The weight is 320 LBS and it can be put on a pallet and shipped

$550 or make us an offer! 

New Old Stock CLAY PIPE  Terra Cotta Pipe, Drain Tile Pipe

All of this pipe was manufactured by Superior Clay of Uhrichsville, Ohio.

15” clay pipe in 6 foot lengths   {6 pieces available}  

15” clay pipe in 3 foot lengths   {2 pieces available} 
15” clay pipe in 3 foot lengths with a 12” Y Branch   {2 pieces available}

15” clay pipe in 3 foot lengths with an 8” Y   Branch {1 piece available}

15” clay pipe in 3 foot lengths with a 6” Y Branch  {10 pieces available} 

12” clay pipe in 2 foot lengths with an 8” Y Branch  {1 piece available}  

12” clay 90 degree  Elbow {11 pieces available}

12” clay “S” Trap   {2 pieces available}

12” clay 45 degree Curve    {5 pieces available}

12 “ clay 30 degree Curve  {5 pieces available} 

10” clay 45 degree  Curve  {26 pieces available}

8” clay 45 degree  Curve   {28 pieces available} 

6” clay pipe in 4 foot lengths   {75 pieces available} 

6” clay 30 degree  Curve  {53 pieces available}  

Terracotta Pipe will be sold at approximately 25% of cost.

Motivated Seller, Make us an offer!! You can not insult us.

If you have a need for any of these items, please contact Bob at 888-LEAK-USA.
All Reasonable Offers will be considered.

We are located in Medina, Ohio.



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