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Accurately Tracing Underground Water Leaks to Pinpoint the EXACT Location of your hidden Leak!

Where would you dig for the leak looking at this picture?


     If you look at the left side of this picture in the middle of the green circle & the surrounding area, you can see the water coming out of the ground. If you look at the right side of this picture near the top you can see a backhoe, that's where this leak really was! That's over 350 feet away. This leak was very complicated to pinpoint because of the distance the water traveled before surfacing, but we located the leak accurately and it was repaired by digging a single 6' x 10' excavation. We pride ourselves with being able to locate your leak for the middle of the excavation 98% of the time! This is a prime example, that in the long run, finding leaks accurately will save you a lot of money by reducing downtime, property disturbances & liabilities!!!

Safety is always FIRST,
followed closely by our customers' needs

12 Inch Valve Leak

    This was the leak that was causing the water in the parking lot above.  A valve box was
not present & it was completely covered with asphalt. The leaking water traveled 350 feet underground before surfacing. Large C clamps were put in place in order to prevent the top
of the valve from blowing off, which COULD have caused serious injuries & at the same time, using these clamps reduced the water leakage by about 75%.  Our customer needed the
water to stay on until 10:00 PM so that they would not lose water to the building during operating hours.

24 /7 Getting your leak resolved!



Replacing A Valve At 3:00 AM

Our customers’ needs come in to play along with safety. Heffco is equipped to run efficiently 24 / 7.  All of our excavations are properly shored & are as small as possible in order to
minimize property disturbances & costs to the customer.  This excavation was 6’ x 10’ & the
leak, which turned out to be the buried valve pictured above, was directly in the center.