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Fire Line Leak Detection & Emergency Temporary Systems

This particular customer had serious underground fire line problems. Their underground system was approximately 60 years old. It was all cast iron pipe with lead packed joints. They had 3 major ruptures at the same time within their 1700 ft of pipe. The customer opted to replace the entire underground system which would leave them without fire protection for over 2 weeks. Now this created another problem, the Fire Chief would close the building down until a fire system was operational.  Heffco designed this temporary emergency fire line to come off of an existing operational hydrant.
A manifold was designed with valves, in order that the fire department could still use this hydrant for a pump truck or hose without shutting down the hydrant. Piping was then trenched across the road & resurfaced on the opposite side at the curb. The piping then ran along the curb down to where there was a wall indicator valve. That valve was removed in order to accommodate the temporary line into the building.

The underground valve was closed & the 90 elbow was removed & replaced with a T. By installing the pipe in this manner, all of the backflow preventers where still operational & the system was charged.  Heffco designed this plan, proposed it to the Fire Chief who immediately signed his approval to the plan, the pipe was installed & the system was charged.  ALL within a 14 hour time frame from design to finish.


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