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If you're looking for a Professional Water Leak Detection Contractor to ACCURATELY locate your underground leaks, you've come to the Right place.

Heffco services Industrial & Commercial clients throughout the continental US specializing in pinpointing leaks on steam, water & fire lines. Heffco not only locates leaks BUT we also have extensive hands on experience working on Welded & Mechanical Pipe! Let us put our leak detection & piping experience to work for you today advising you on how to resolve your underground plumbing issues!

Good news for home owners in Northern Ohio!

Due to the overwhelming requests for residential service, Heffco has started servicing residential customers in our local area. Now everyone can receive the same Professional Leak Detection Services!

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Heffco is a signatory contractor with the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 18

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Heffco is your  Hidden Underground Water Leak Detection Specialist operating  in Ohio since 1982!

I think the water leak is here... Oh...wait..maybe its...over there?  I think I better call HEFFCODoes your contractor know where to dig to resolve your underground leaks OR does he THINK he knows?
Take the guess work out of solving your underground leak, call HEFFCO today at 888-LEAK-USA to save money, time, & property disturbances.

The world is full of underground water leaks so call Heffco, your water leak detection specialist.       

We must all do our part to preserve our natural resources. Heffco is doing their part in saving the planet by locating one underground hidden water leak at a time! 


              This guy LOVES to waste money. If you like to SAVE money, call HEFFCO, we wlll locate your LEAK

     This is the Water Leak Abyss. It will continue to take your money until your leak is pinpointed!         
                                Stop throwing 
                                money down the
                                drain by chasing

Our leak detection service will preserve your money & prevent it from falling into the Abyss.     

Calling Heffco at 
888-LEAK-USA is
like throwing a life preserver to your


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When you call Heffco at 888-LEAK-USA, you will receive water leak detection services from professionals who have been solving underground issues since 1982.
We locate leaks on Water, Steam & Fire Lines with 98% accuracy.

                                   This leak is obvious, BUT most fire line leaks will need LEAK DETECTION to pinpoint the problem

Heffco water leak detection equipment is so sophisticated, its like having a guy inside your pipe        

Do you have an underground leak that either has not surfaced or one that has surfaced, but not near your known underground utility lines? Call Heffco today at 888-LEAK-USA to pinpoint the EXACT location of your hidden underground leak. 


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Underground water leaks can not hide when we show up with our water leak detection equipment.